"It's the perfect app for anyone who thinks that Instagram's filters don't add enough nostalgia." –Los Angeles Times

"We've spent a lot of timing scouring the app store for photography apps that cater to every need, but this is something new to catch our eye, a black-and-white-only iPhone camera app." –Mashable's GeekSugar

"Move over, Instagram, there's a new photo app on the block to give your images a special, vintage flair." –Refinery 29

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"The app turns your device into a Strut folding camera from the early 1900s, giving them a dated, vintage look, so you can get exactly the sort of 100 year-old photo you're searching for." –Yahoo News' appolicious

"Are your Instagram photos not looking grainy enough lately? If so, you may want to check out StrutType, a new photo app designed to replicate the process of using a strut folding camera." –New York Observer's BetaBeat

"A new app called Strut Type… with a variety of filters, canvases, textures, light leaks, vignettes and frames, can make that photo of your friend appear as if he and his beard were unironically fighting in the Civil War." –Paper

The Strut Type Camera

The Strut Type Camera

amera pros and "retronauts" will enjoy the bonus cross-processing features that take old-style photos to the next level.

Premium Quality for only

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An innovative new iPhone app that
develops the effects of
turn-of-the-century Strut folding
camera. On-the-spot tools for the
amateur or professional.

Point, shoot and select!

Renders authentic Edwardian-era portraiture and landscape shots. Recreate images with the look of the first dry-plate photography that emerged from 1875 to 1920. Darkslide simulation and plate experience in every shot. Instant image processing with live shutter-style view.

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ake turn-of-the-century-style pictures and select this era's best, with a range of 18 filters. Black & white, gray tones, sepia, greens and cyans combined with period-specific canvas, textures,watermarking, vignettes, light-leak effects and frames.


Select from the era’s best black and white, gray tones, sepia, greens and cyans.


Use Photosynthesis to have images come alive on a virtual Canvas, with antique Mildew, Stains, Foxing and other forgotten techniques.


Add a new scratchy antique layer with effects like Dirty Water, peeling and Burnt Sepia that effectively weather and age the photograph.

Light Leak

Simulate the effect of the Light Leaks associated with old folding cameras that give turn-of-the-century photography its unique character.


Add Vignetting to re-create the look of a photograph taken through an Old Lens.


Adds authentic, antique Picture Frame to your prize image.

The Strut Type App

The Strut Type App


Customize your Photograph using Cross Processing Feature to produce the ultimate in-Camera Effects:

  • * Blur
  • * Saturation
  • * Contrast
  • * Brightness
  • * Gama

Bonus Features

Preliminary settings allow you to go all black & white, or allow for period-specific color tinting in your photography.

Sharing services

Save your photos in your album or show them off on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or email a Strut Photo. It’s time to Strut your stuff!



The Strut Type app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 4th generation, iPad 2, and the New iPad.

Requires iOS 4.3 or higher